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On this website you will find one of the most comprehensive collection of airsickness bags which is proved by the following figures: Almost 10.000 different bags from more than 1.250 airlines in about 190 countries all over the world.
In addition to our own bags, various bags have been contributed by other collectors. Their rarities are named under the respective owner*.
At first glance, collecting airsickness bags or barf bags or vomit bags appears rather strange to most people. But we are totally not alone as in collecting airline memorabilia. There are other collectors that collect safety cards, timetables, post cards, etc.
Intriguingly for us, airsickness bags express the telling history of airlines as well as the recurring changes in the world of aviation that are taking place all the time.
Similar to other industries there is always an ongoing stream of newcomer- airlines as well as those have collapsed in the industry due to bankruptcy.   
During their period of operation other airlines have  changed their names or merged with other airlines. 
The histories of the airlines are documented on these small pieces of paper, known as the airsickness bag, thus reflecting the changes with new corporate designs, names and logos.
On our website, we are not only detailing airsickness bags but also adding relevant information regarding the airlines.
That includes the IATA and ICAO-Codes, the year of foundation, year of name changes or for whatever reasons the closure of the airline. Finally we describe the actual status of the airlines, which can be active, renamed, merged or defunct.
Enjoy exploring this data-base of airsickness bags and delve into the impressive world of aviation. Catalog’s bag numbering can be used for detailed swap and trade clarification.
Thorsten Hecht (TH), Gerhard Lang (GL) &  Gerd Clemens (GC)
PS: If you wish to contribute to our catalog, please feel free to contact, donate bags or alternatively swap/trade with us.

* collectors:

Alan Howlett (AH), Emmanuel Deyrieux (ED), Fulvio Dossena (FD), Homer Götz (HG), Marc de Kort (MdK), Oliver Conradi (OC), Petr Manda (PM), Rainer Schwartz (RS), Rune Tapper (RT), Wolfgang Franken (WF), Wolfgang Lüthje (WL), Xusheng Chen (XC)